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Best Physiotherapist in Ambah


Welcome to physiotherapy Department of Global Speciality Hospital , home to excellent physiotherapy in Ambah Town. Our job is to give you best physiotherapists care, depending on your specific treatment plan. Physiotherapy is a partner of health sector, which uses bio-mechanics, kinesiology, manual care, conditioning treatment or electrotherapy for rehabilitation of physical movement, strength or function of patients. Physiotherapy called physiotherapy Physiotherapy helps patients with Parkinson's disease, Paralysis, Stroke, Multiple Sky, or Cerebral Paralsy to be rehabilitated. In addition, both chronic and acute conditions can be treated by physiotherapists by home-treating patients. Physiotherapists can help patients recover mobility by getting to know the way the body functions, and they will be qualified to identify, diagnose and treat disabilities in clinical skills. Physiotherapists may help patients recover from injuries or disabilities from pain in back, spine, knee pain or issues in the ligament.

Best Physiotherapy Center in Ambah

Global Speciality Hospital is a best Physiotherapy specialist Center in Ambah . To provide good quality of care to patients with simple as well as complicated physio Problems. To provide corporate care at affordable prices to economically weak population through community service activitiesWe have an Intensive coronary care unit located on the ground floor next to the emergency department. The unit is fully equipped with all facilities to address a range of needs of critically ill Physiotherapy patients. Our nursing staff has many years of experience working in the Physiotherapy ICUs and provides close supervision with the help of a central monitoring system with a 1:1 nursing ratio for ventilated and critically ill patients while a 1:2 ratio for other patients. We have reliable, sophisticated high-tech equipment such as multichannel monitors, defibrillator, ventilators, IABP system pumps, etc. capable of providing care to all complex patient needs dealing with cases such as heart attack, heart failure, acute coronary syndrome and all kinds of emergency Physiotherapy situations.

Best Physiotherapy Dr. in Ambah


DEPARTMENT : Consultant Physiotherapist

DR. VIKAS SAVITA is a best Physiotherapy specialist in Global Speciality Hospital .He is the Consultant Physiotherapist at globals Speciality Hospital. He has good knowledge of subject and his ultimate aim is full patient satisfaction. Having significant experience in renal transplantation. Holding experience in acute renal hemodialysis In 83 cases & 12 case experience in treatment of patients with spinal disorders in India. One of the most respected nephrologists, and with a 4-decade experience in his / her field

Best physiotheraphy treatment in Ambah

Welcome to Global Speciality Hospital physiotheraphy Treatmewnt in Ambah, you home for outstanding physiotheraphy care in Ambah City. Our mission is to provide you with the best physiotheraphy care based on an individualized treatment plan designed just for you.

physiotheraphy services at globals Speciality Hospital are provided in all streams of physiotheraphy including Interventional physiotheraphy We provide a state of art fully equipped physiotheraphy care centre to provide comprehensive services to our patients. The entire gamut of services from diagnostic non invasive services, is available under one roof, as are top class Interventional physiotheraphy Global Speciality Hospital has team of highly qualified cardiologists with extensive experience The globals Speciality Hospital is equipped with a 100 KV Cath lab. Our ICU is well equipped with not all the equipped instruments but also a team of trained Doctors and nursing staff to provide utmost care The physiotheraphy team is available round the clock to help patients with physiotheraphy emergencies with primary and complex coronary angioplasties.

Physiotheraphy Hospital in Ambah

Global Speciality Hospital is a best Physiotheraphy hospital in Ambah, Global Speciality Hospital is one of the most prestigious physiotherapists who have worked for a long time. This hospital was built in 2012 and has since attracted many patients from both the community and around, as well as from the neighborhood. Every medical practitioner knows how to recognise, diagnose various health problems and medical problems. The doctor has  requisite experience or know-how to treat and avoid a wide range of health problems. This hospital has a specialized know-how and technological background like hand sanitizer dyspenders, separate medical wastes room and the neuromuscular performance measurement unit, the ULTS and ELS, as well as the therapy unit, Energi Unit and Blood Pressure Monitor for diagnostic purposes.

Best Department of Physiotheraphy in Ambah

Global Speciality Hospital is provide h best department of physiotheripist in Ambah. The physiotherapy or rehabilitation department is well equipped with state-of - the-art physiotherapy equipment. In order to provide ODP and IPD services (in care centers and intensive care units), we have qualified, experienced and very well trained team of physical and occupational therapists of international standards to ensure a multi-faceted approach for rehabilitation of patient.

1.Spinal Cord and all kinds of bones and joint solutions
2.Slip Disc
4.Nerve and tissue injury
5.Rheumatoid arthritis
6.Shoulder joint
7.Back pains
8.Suffocated Pains
9.Physiotherpy for Disable and Paralysis Child
10.Muscular Drafthy
11.And Many More.

Physiotheraphy Pain

Bach Pain in Physiotheraphy

Back pain in senior citizens will become a normal condition. Women are vulnerable both during and after pregnancy to back pain. Low sitting posture, unhealthy diet, sometimes forward-leaning and lifting heavy goods are some of the most common causes of back pain. Usually, people who work in an environment where they sit longer have this type of mechanical back pain problem. Although this isn't a serious condition, persistent pressure and discomfort in the back can be quite painful.

Physiotherapy is considered an effective cure for symptoms associated with pain in the lower, middle or upper portion of the spine. A team of professional physical therapists will help you identify the root cause via systematic evaluation, offer guidance on how your attitude can be improved, track your progress and schedule treatment based on mutually agreed expectations so you will quickly get back on feet. Our certified team of experts in physiotherapy is here to help you with an entire custom-made treatment & rehabilitation program if you encounter some type of pain or malaise in your back

Knee Pain in Physiotheraphy

Due to the severity of knee damage, knee pain may be confined to a specific area or spread over the entire knee. While knee pain reasons that vary, it always results in a certain mild to extreme suffering and inconvenience in the knee area. Some common causes of knee pain are: bone degeneration.

Age-related issues
Injury due to an accident
Dislocation & Fracture
Underlying infection

1.Acute knee pain

It is primarily due to external causes such as bending, stress due to excessive muscle contraction and broken muscle tendons. Pain also happens immediately in such situations. The patient can choose to treat pain immediately or gradually change to other pain treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, massages, acupuncture, etc.

2.Chronic knee pain

It is a type of pain caused by degeneration or joint inflammation. In these cases, the pain continually develops and over a period of time its intensity increases. Whereas physiotherapy is an excellent way to treat pain or prevent further damage to the knee joint, it may be recommended to remove the knee in several cases once pain fails to subside.