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The Dermatology Department offers comprehensive and up-to-date diagnosis and treatment for skin, nails and hair problems in a global speciality hospital in Dabra City. The department offers a large variety of specialist paediatric, ophthalmic, surgical & cosmetically specialized services Some of the Global Hospital Department's most common cosmetic procedures involve liposuction, blepharoplasty, and facelifts.

The Dermatology department in Global Hospital was established in the Global Specialty Hospital in Dabra City. It has gradually increased awareness of new facilities & subspecialties. The dermatologist and co-specialists work as a group to ensure that patients benefit as much as possible from a multi-species clinic. Possibly because of rising socioeconomic conditions in India skin diseases are growing. This presents a major challenge for this department to cope with common dermatology problems and to meet the demand for cosmetology and dermatooperative surgery. The diagnosis & treatment of various dermatological problems or sexually transmitted illnesses, as well as leprosy patients, is helpful in providing excellent support to immunology microbiology, clinical pathologies, biochemistry, and historical pathologies-fluorescence studies, nuclear medicine, nerve driving.

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Our Dermatology Departement

The department of best skin specialist In Global Hospital aims to achieve excellent clinical service, research in Dabra . A health care, surgical treatment & cosmetic treatment of good quality make a significant difference in the quality of life of the patient in Dabra. All basic & clinical studies are being carried out to advance the specialty's medical & scientific knowledge. In an environment that is propitious to residents and fellows and faculty working closely together at the clinic and in other academic activities resulting in professional preparation of dermatologists and researchers dedicated to health care in Global Hospital Dabra.

• Light chemical peel. The outer layer of skin (epidermis) is taken off by light or superficial chemical peel. It is ideal for the treatment of fine lines, acne, poor skin and dryness. You may have light chemical peel for up to 6 weeks as much as once a week -depending on what you want.

• Medium chemical peel. This chemical peel removes skin cells by epidermis as well as portions of the superior middle skin layer (derma). A medium-sized chemical peel may treat wrinkles, skin tone uneven, acne scars. A medium chemical peel may be repeated every 6-12 months for results.

• Deep chemical peel. It removes skin cells with an epidermis as well as portions of your dermis ' middle to lower layer. When you have deeper wrinkles, scares or precancerous growths, your doctor could recommend deep chemical peel.

Laser resurfacing is an applied laser resurfacing technique to enhance the appearance of your skin or to treat minor facial defects . This may be performed with 2 types of laser: an ablative laser that eliminates thin layers of skin A non-wounding laser, which stimulates the growth of collagen as well as tighten skin underneath it Although resurgence of non-ablative laser is less invasive or takes less time to recover, it is less effective than ablative laser resurfacing. The appearance of fine lines may decline by laser resurfacing. Laser surface treatment can also treat skin-tone loss or improve complexion if you have skin damage or sunshine. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to laser resurfacing. Understanding definite methods, risks or probable outcome may help you choose whether laser surface treatments are appropriate to you.

Skin therapies such as psoriasis are also used for light therapy in Dabra. This is different from the form of SAD light therapy and the above conditions. The ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting lamp is used for light therapy for skin disorders. This kind of light is filtered out in light treatment boxes as it can damage the eyes and skin one of the Best Skin Specialist in Dabra City at Global Hospital.