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Welcome to Dialysis of Global Speciality Hospital , home to excellent Nephrologists in Gwalior Town. Our job is to give you best Dialysis care, depending on your specific treatment plan. Dialysis is a procedure that uses a pump to process or cleanse blood. It helps to balance the fluids or electrolytes when the kidneys are unable to do their job. Dialysis was used in treating people with kidney problems since the 1940s. Dialysis carries out kidney function if it fails. The National Kidney Foundation claims that end-stage kidney failure occurs once kidneys are only 10-15% normal. The blood is filtered through the kidneys to eliminate waste and excess fluid. The waste is sent to the bladder for urination

Best Dialysis Specialist in Gwalior

Global Speciality Hospital is a best Dialysis specialist in Gwalior . To provide good quality of care to patients with simple as well as complicated Nephro Problems. To provide corporate care at affordable prices to economically weak population through community service activitiesWe have an Intensive coronary care unit located on the ground floor next to the emergency department. The dialysis procedure partly removes kidney function, like the cleaning or normalizing function and blood composition. For this function, a membrane is used that contains blood and serves as a barrier that extracts blood to mimic what is achieved by the kidneys. Erythropoietin formation and active vitamin D development roles do not perform them and this medication should, therefore, be applied.We purify their blood if their kidneys are healthy. They keep your bones solid or your blood balanced hormones. Once the kidneys fail, the function we do must be substituted with treatment. You need a procedure called dialysis if you do not undergo a kidney transplant.


The most popular type of dialysis is hemodialysis. The method uses a kidney (hemodialyzer) selectively to remove blood loss and excess fluid. The blood is removed from both the body as well as the artificial kidney is filtered. A dialysis machine will then transfer the filtered blood to the body.

• Arteriovenous (AV) fistula. The artery, as well as a vein, are connected by this type.
• AV graft. This kind of tube is looped.
• Vascular access catheter. You should insert this into your neck's broad vein.

All AV the av fistula are capable of long-term treatment of dialysis. Anyone receiving AV fistula is healed two to three months from surgery and ready to start hemodialysis. People receiving AV grafts will be ready in 2-3 weeks. Catheters for short or temporary applications

Your doctor will perform an operation to create an entry point (vascular entrance), in order to get blood to the artificial kidney. The 3 kinds of doors are:

Hemodialysis treatment is typically 3 to 5 hours long or three days a week. For shorter, more regular sessions, hemodialysis therapy can be completed. Many procedures for hemodialysis are carried out in a hospital, doctors or dialysis center. The medication period depends on your body size, your body waste level and your fitness. You may believe your doctor is ready to take home dialysis treatments after a long period of hemodialysis. It is more common for people in need of long-term care

2.Peritoneal dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis includes a procedure to inject the abdomen with a peritoneal dialysis catheter. The catheter allows you to filter your blood into the peritoneum, an abdominal membrane. A special fluid called dialysate flows into the peritoneum during treatment. Dialyzed material is used to remove waste. When the blood is removed from the dialysis, it is drained from your heart. It takes a couple of hours and must be repeated 4–6 times a day. You can nevertheless exchange fluids during sleep or wake.

Numerous peritoneal dialysis kinds are available:

• Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD:Your belly will be filled and drained several times every day in CAPD. This method does not have to be done with a machine while awake.
• Continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis (CCPD). In order to pump fluid inside and out abdomen, CCPD uses a computer. Normally it is achieved during sleep at night.
• Intermittent peritoneal dialysis (IPD). This care is usually done in the hospital, although at home. It is using the same computer as CCPD, but it takes longer.

Best Nephrologists in Gwalior

Welcome to Global Speciality Hospital Dialysis Treatmewnt in Gwalior, you home for outstanding Dialysis care in Gwalior City. Our mission is to provide you with the best Dialysis care based on an individualized treatment plan designed just for you.

Dialysis is a procedure that uses a pump to process or cleanse blood. It helps to balance the fluids or electrolytes when the kidneys are unable to do their job. Dialysis was used in treating people with kidney problems since the 1940s. . A doctor with a nephrology degree and a specialty in diagnosis and treatment kidney disorders is a nephrologist. Nephrologists research internal medicine or pursue specialized training in kidney disorders. patients are treated. We also treat chronic renal disease, congestive heart failure, kidney stones, etc., and they are very conscious of the donation and dialysis of kidneys. In general, a nephrologist is consulted for serious, complex conditions of the renal system..

Best Dialysis Hospital in Gwalior

Global Speciality Hospital is a best Dialysis hospital in Gwalior, Global Speciality Hospital is one of the most prestigious Nephrologistss who have worked for a long time. This hospital was built in 2012 and has since attracted many patients from both the community and around, as well as from the neighborhood. Every medical practitioner knows how to recognise, diagnose various health problems and medical problems. The doctor has  requisite experience or know-how to treat and avoid a wide range of health problems. This hospital has a specialized know-how and technological background like hand sanitizer dyspenders, separate medical wastes room and the neuromuscular performance measurement unit, the ULTS and ELS, as well as the therapy unit, Energi Unit and Blood Pressure Monitor for diagnostic purposes.

Best Nephrology Treatment in Gwalior

A team of highly qualified and professional nephrologists at Global Hospital manages various types of kidney diseases, including acute or chronic kidney disease, kidney transplant, hypertension, electrolyte acid-base disorders, nephrolithiasis, and complicated procedures, like kidney denervation for uncontrolled hypertension.

The state-of-the-art dialysis units and state-of-the-art nephrology laboratories run 24/7 and have full capacity throughout Global specialty hospitals. The department of nephrology offers other services.-

• Continuing renal replacement therapy
• Plasma dialysis
• Kidney transplant
• Mixed kidney & liver transplant and kidney biopsy
• Continual renal replacement therapy
• Peritoneal dialyzes (CPD)
• Liver dialysis (MARS treatment)