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Best Joint Replacement Specialists in Tekanpur

Joint Replacement

The Global Shalby Joint Replacement Center is doing pioneering work in offering patients state of the art treatment options such as implantation of patient-specific devices, Advanced Joint Replacement Surgery and Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement and Spine Surgeries in Datia. There is a dedicated team of experts orthopedics from world renowned Shalby hospital Datia, who are doing regular joint replacements at Globals Hospital Datia.

There is a dedicated team of anesthesiologists that provides excellent pre, intra and post-operative care. We have experienced and dedicated team of nursing and doctors for managing all types’orthopedic patients.

Our team of doctors is supported by highly experienced physiotherapists that provide out-patient, in-patient as well as domicipary care to the patients. Facilities for chondrocyte culture and meniscal transplant also exist for young arthritic individuals in Datia City.

Welcome to our Joint Replacement Center in Globals Hospital Datia

The orthopedic surgeon group is required for consultation or care. There is a C-Arm & Arthroscopy facility and that every sort of Ortho procedure is done daily. Replacement hip & knee joints are also easily accessible in Datia. Interesting fact about knee joint- Trauma to the knee may lead to joint deterioration at Global Hospital.

A surgical procedure whereby the diseased joint is replaced with an implant in Globals Hospital in Datia. For patients with the damaged knee by arthritis,trauma or some other destructive diseases of the joint Total knee replacement surgery is considered as a gold standard. Among the above-mentioned conditions, osteoarthritis of the knees is the commonest cause of total knee replacement. The patient should have a clear idea about the benefits as well as risks associated with knee replacement surgery. Med monks, a medical travel platform will guide you through the ‘required’ treatment journey in Globals Hospital. A team started by a group of Physician Executives with cumulative experience of more than five decades.

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