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Best Orthopaedic in Jhansi


Welcome to Orthopaedic Treatment of Global Speciality Hospital , home to excellent Orthopaedic in Jhansi Town. Our job is to give you best Orthopaedic care, depending on your specific treatment plan. Orthopedics is a medical specialty focused on musculoskeletal system disorders and diseases of your body. With the flexibility of your bones, articulations, ligaments, tendons, muscles, or nerves, you can move, operate and be actively engaged. Orthopaedics is a medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with disorders or conditions that affect the skeletal system and its associated structures. The disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons are treated by providing comprehensive quality care. Global specialist hospital is known as an orthopaedic hospital in Jhansi. Orthopaedic can help patients recover mobility by getting to know the way the body functions, and they will be qualified to identify, diagnose and treat disabilities in clinical skills. Orthopaedic may help patients recover from injuries or disabilities from pain in back, spine, knee pain or issues in the ligament.The doctor is an orthopedic procedure expert. An orthopedist might also be called him or her. The operation of the musculoskeletal system is taught by orthopedists. You may diagnose bones, muscles, articulations, tendons or ligament disorders, treat accidents, rehabilitate, and prescribe how a diseased region can be avoided further.

Best Orthopaedic Center in Jhansi

Global Speciality Hospital is a best Orthopaedic specialist Center in Jhansi . To provide good quality of care to patients with simple as well as complicated physio Problems. Global Speciality Hospital of Orthopedics is one of the largest orthopedic centers in Jhansi. We are the leaders in offering personalized orthopedic care for conditions associated with back pain, neck pain and joint pains of the knee and the hip. Our orthopedists are committed to delivering the highest quality of diagnostic and therapeutic patient care to people of all age groups for orthopedic pain relief. Every year, a Global specialist hospital provides treatment to thousands of patients; from infants to the elderly. The Institute focuses on patient care and advancing knowledge related to the care of diverse conditions . Our nursing staff has many years of experience working in the Orthopaedic ICUs and provides close supervision with the help of a central monitoring system with a 1:1 nursing ratio for ventilated and critically ill patients while a 1:2 ratio for other patients. We have reliable, sophisticated high-tech equipment such as multichannel monitors, defibrillator, ventilators, IABP system pumps, etc. capable of providing care to all complex patient needs dealing with cases such as heart attack, heart failure, acute coronary syndrome and all kinds of emergency Orthopaedic situations.

Best Orthopaedic Dr. in Jhansi


DEPARTMENT : Orthopaedic Specialist

DR. DR ASHISH DUBEY is a best Orthopaedic specialist in Global Speciality Hospital .He is the rthopaedic Specialist at globals Speciality Hospital. He has good knowledge of subject and his ultimate aim is full patient satisfaction. Having significant experience in renal transplantation. Holding experience in acute renal hemodialysis In 83 cases & 12 case experience in treatment of patients with spinal disorders in India. One of the most respected nephrologists, and with a 4-decade experience in his / her field

Best Orthopaedic Treatment in Jhansi

Welcome to Global Speciality Hospital Orthopaedic Treatmewnt in Jhansi, you home for outstanding Orthopaedic care in Jhansi City. Our mission is to provide you with the best Orthopaedic care based on an individualized treatment plan designed just for you.

Orthopaedic services at Global Speciality Hospital are provided in all streams of Orthopaedic including Interventional Orthopaedic We provide a state of art fully equipped Orthopaedic care centre to provide comprehensive services to our patients. The entire gamut of services from diagnostic non invasive services, is available under one roof, as are top class Interventional Orthopaedic Global Speciality Hospital has team of highly qualified Orthopaedic with extensive experience The globals Speciality Hospital is equipped with a 100 KV Cath lab. Our ICU is well equipped with not all the equipped instruments but also a team of trained Doctors and nursing staff to provide utmost care The Orthopaedic team is available round the clock to help patients with Orthopaedic emergencies with primary and complex coronary angioplasties.Our achievements in orthopedic bone and joint care put us at the forefront of providing treatments and services, including arthroscopic technologies, robotic surgeries & robot-assisted techniques, and sports medicine.

Best Orthopaedic Hospital in Jhansi

Global Speciality Hospital is a best Orthopaedic hospital in Jhansi, Global Speciality Hospital is one of the most prestigious Orthopaedic who have worked for a long time. This hospital was built in 2012 and has since attracted many patients from both the community and around, as well as from the neighborhood.The global hospital provides the widest range of health structures or nearly all the best, latest therapies, technologies and services available. We comprise internationally renowned surgeons, specialists in medicine, rehabilitation or occupational and physical therapists. The physiotherapy department provides our center with trained therapists and specialists. Global Speciality Hospital of Orthopedics is one of the best bones and joints hospitals in Jhansi, India and is sought for knee replacement and hip replacement. The best knee replacement and hip replacement hospital in Jhansi are ranked based on the years of expertise and good success rates. The Global Speciality Hospital provides the widest range of health structures or nearly all the best, latest therapies, technologies and services available. We comprise internationally renowned surgeons, specialists in medicine, rehabilitation or occupational and physical therapists. The physiotherapy department provides our center with trained therapists and specialists.

Best Department of Orthopaedic in Jhansi

Global Speciality Hospital is provide h best department of Orthopaedic in Jhansi. The Orthopaedic or rehabilitation department is well equipped with state-of - the-art Orthopaedic equipment. Global specialist hospital Department of Orthopedics is equipped with the latest biological and technological advances to deliver orthopedic care and advanced surgical experience. The expertise and facilities offered at our institute make us one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Jhansi. In order to provide ODP and IPD services (in care centers and intensive care units), we have qualified, experienced and very well trained team of physical and occupational therapists of international standards to ensure a multi-faceted approach for rehabilitation of patient. In addition, the Global Speciality Hospital carries out different types of Jhansi orthopedic surgery, such as spinal surgery, joint substitution, and hand surgery. In collaboration with a highly skilled team of anesthesiologists, radiologists, oncologists, pain treatment practitioners, Orthopaedics or experts in critical care, our orthopedic staff creates a carefully tailored treatment plan for each individual. In order to improve the accuracy of muscle-skeletal disorders such as bone density scans or joint CTs and MRI, electromyography or arthrography our department uses advanced technologies for diagnostic treatments. Intensive care facilities, operating theaters or rehabilitation services are well equipped. We deliver 24/7 emergency care or ambulance services in addition to our in-and out-patient facilities.

Best Orthopaedic Services in Globals

The services are orthopedic specialists in terms of the treatment of basic but complex fractures, sprains or strains, skeletal deformities, sports injuries, rheumatology and arthritis.Arthroscopy, wound rehabilitation, spinal injuries, and complex joint replacement procedures are the specialist services for orthodoxy and joint replacement. We provide specialized services for all minor and anesthetics arthritic conditions with an integrated network of leading orthopedic practitioners from around the world. One of the leading treatment systems for osteoarthritis patients consists of plasma-rich transfusion platelets. The therapies include minimally invasive surgeries or even wound healing in bone. Our team of aestheticians, rehabilitation or rheumatologists are here to guarantee a quick but smooth recovery. Global Speciality Hospital provide a best Orthopaedic services in Jhansi

key Services in Orthopaedic


• Arthroscopy
• Ligament and Tendon Repair
• Hip and Knee Replacements
• Revision Joint Surgery
• Bone Fracture Repair with Internal Fixation
• Osteotomies
• Management of Sports Injuries
• Management of Sprains and Strains
• Management of Bone Deformities


• Arthrography
• Bone scans
• Discography
• CT and MRI
• Electromyography