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Best Cardiologist in Banmore


Welcome to Global Speciality Hospital Cardiology Department, you home for outstanding cardiology care in Banmore City. Our mission is to provide you with the best cardiology care based on an individualized treatment plan designed just for you.

Cardiac services at global Speciality Hospital are provided in all streams of cardiology including Interventional Cardiology We provide a state of art fully equipped cardiac care centre to provide comprehensive services to our patients. The entire gamut of services from diagnostic non invasive services, is available under one roof, as are top class Interventional cardiology Global Speciality Hospital has team of highly qualified cardiologists with extensive experience The Global Speciality Hospital is equipped with a 100 KV Cath lab. Our ICU is well equipped with not all the equipped instruments but also a team of trained Doctors and nursing staff to provide utmost care The Cardiac team is available round the clock to help patients with cardiac emergencies with primary and complex coronary angioplasties . The consultation for cardiac thoracic surgery is provided on monthly basis by expert team of Narayana Hrudalaya Jaipur


To provide good quality of care to patients with simple as well as complicated ear, nose, and throat disorders To provide corporate care at affordable prices to economically weak population through community service activities

Welcome to our Cardiac specialist Center in Globals Hospital Banmore

Some of common heart surgeries involve

• Aortic surgery-Best Aortic Surgery in Banmore at Global Hospital performed to repair or remove aortic aneurysms and dissections • Aortic valve surgery to repair/replace aortic valve surgery. It may be performed in the following manner— Endoscopic— Non Sternotomy.

• Arrhythmia surgery— Best Arrhythmia Surgery in Banmore at Global Hospital, A surgical procedure for correcting irregular heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia.

• Genetic heart defect or congenital heart surgery corrective surgery.

• Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) – Best Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery in Banmore at Global Hospital, Generally called Heart Bypass Surgery or Coronary Bypass Surgery is a surgical procedure that allows alternative routes for blood to flow into heart tissue, bypassing narrowed or blocked arteries (leading to what is known as Coronary Artery Disease). For this reason, a healthy blood vessel (also named a graft) is put around a narrowed / blocked region to restore blood flow to the heart from one part of the patient's own body. The aim of this treatment is to alleviate symptoms of coronary artery disease (comprising angina), allow the patient to regain a normal lifestyle & reduce the risk of heart attack/ additional heart problems.

•Best Heart failure surgery— Best Heart failure Surgery in Banmore at Global Hospital LVAD or Left ventricular assist device— A device that supports to pump blood into the heart.

Cardiac Diagnostics

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

ECG is an electronic heart rate monitoring test. Every beat passes through the heart with electrical impulses (or waves). The muscle is compressed and blood is drained from the heart by this action. Electrodes on the neck, wrists, and ankles to perform an ECG are mounted and registered. An ECG indicates what is happening in various areas of the heart and can cause an abnormality or prior damage.