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The Department of Dermatology provides consultation for skin, nail problems, leprosy, hair loss, baldness and other hair-related problems. Being an essential part of medical science, the Department of Dermatology is skyrocketing towards fruitful contribution in this growing field. Our well trained staff cater to the needs of outpatients as well as Inpatients.


To provide good quality of care to patients with simple as well as complicated skin, nail problems, leprosy, hair loss, baldness and other hair-related problems To provide corporate care at affordable prices to economically weak population through community service activities

Welcome to our skin specialist Center in Globals Hospital Gwalior

What does dermatoscopy mean?

Dermatoscopy is an analysis of skin lesions with such dermatoscope, & dermoscopy, or epiluminescence. The traditional method of this is magnifier (typically x10). It consists of a non-polarized light source, transparent plate as well as fluid medium between an instrument and body. Currentdermatoscopes do not use liquid medium but use filtered light to eliminate reflections from the skin surface.

Are you missing having picture-perfect selfies because of your acne?
Are you wondering why your skin feels so dry and itchy?
Do you want to know the cause of red patches on your skin?

If yes, you should visit a Globals Hospital dermatologist. A homeopathic dermatologist is a professional homeopath who has done a rigorous 5-year medical course and has spent another 3 years followed by a fellowship course of 1 year in dermatology. So, if you have a skin problem, just visit Globals Hospital dermatologist for a scientific and natural solution!

Skin problems often indicate an underlying medical disorder.

Did you know that persistent acne can be a sign of hormonal disturbance? Extreme dryness of skin can be due to diabetes mellitus or thyroid disorder. Skin mirrors your inner health; do not ignore skin problems. Visit a homeopathic skin specialist the moment you spot them. Also, skin problems often make people anxious and hesitant to socialize, thereby causing stress and depression.

Get freedom from skin problems:

Some of the common skin disorders that we treat are as follows:

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